TurboCAD 2018 Products

TurboCAD Africa has launched our latest 2018 products.

Not sure which product is right for you? View our handy product comparison table below.

 2018 Product Comparison

TurboCAD 2018 New & Improved FeaturesPro PlatinumExpert DeluxeDesigner
Audit System – locate ‘bad’ or out-of-rage objects based upon user criterion
Database Tool  – Added Update Associations to  Database Tables  
Image Manager – Ability to select multiple files 
Isolate Object(s)  – Isolate or Hide multiple objects in a drawing
Keyboard shortcuts – Create with Ctrl, plus one or more keys
Ribbon Interface
Search – for locating UI features in Palettes, Tool bars and Menus
Selection Info Palette – Extents Size property added
Tables -Text Rotation now supported in table cells  
Text – OK and Cancel buttons added to Insert Fraction dialog box
Zoom – Diagnostic Message appears when using Zoom Commands
Circles and Ellipses; Circular and Elliptical Arcs – now separated into two, separate object types  
Flatten Tool – for 3D Polylines and Splines to make flat to the Workplane 
Layers – Ability to delete Construction and Constraints layers  
PDF Underlay – Ability to convert an Underlay into an editable object  
Pick Point Hatch – Now works with gaps in 2D Objects
Thick Profile – A new convenient way to create 2d profiles (closed objects with area) from polylines and curves. 
Snap between two points – Snap to the mid-point of any 2 defined points
Trim by Entity – Use closed 2D objects to trim or cut objects
3D Points Measurement 
Sheet Thicken   
3D Polylines and Splines – From Local menu converts these 3D entities into 2D objects 
Shelling – Sheet Thicken feature for ACIS® and non-ACIS objects to used to shell bi-directionally   
BIM Tool – Edit Property Sets; specify spatial structure elements   
Walls and Polylines – Relative Angle 
Roof by Walls – Ability to create multiple Roof Objects 
Style Manager – Ability to dynamically preview Components and Materials  
SMesh (Sub-D Modeling)    
Add Face   
Join Coplanar Face   
Split Face by Isoline   
LightWorks – Now integrated into TurboCAD (no longer an optional plug-in); improved Render Styles and Environments 
RedSDK – v4.3 improved Color Adjustments, Filters and Sketch Rendering; now an Optional Plug-in 
Status Bar – When initiating any Rendering, Memory Usage and Rendering Time is now displayed 
3DM – latest OpenNURBS toolkit supported with Rhino 5 files   
3DS – Ability to import REDSDK Materials   
3MF – Export now supported 
IFC – Expanded list of Object types for Import and Export✓ Import Only  
PDF – Ability to Import 2D PDFs as a vector image   
STEP – Ability to import Text attributes   
U3D PDF – Export of Textures and Scene Hierarchies now supported   
TurboCAD Mark-up – Support for TAP drawings with Geo-Mark